Graduation cords are a fantastic way to honor your students at their commencement ceremony. We have a wide selection of colors and color combinations for you to choose from. Click on one of the following images to select your colors!

Graduation cords to honor your students at their ceremony! Click on the following images to select your colors.

Wait, what's the difference?

Single: A single honor cord just means one braided cord (see above image)! We offer single cords with multiple color strands so you can have different colors all included in the same cord. If you ordered one single cord you would recieve one cord no matter how many colors are in the cord you order.
Double: For our double cord option you'll have the ability to select two braided honor cords and we will tie them together in a knot that rests on the back of the neck when worn. Ordering one double cord means you will recieve two cords in the mail. The second image above displays what a double cord will look like!
Triple: Much like our double cords the triple honor cord has cords that are tied together with a knot resting on the back of the neck. The only difference is that in this option you will select three seperate braided cords to be tied together (not two like the double, or one singular cord). One triple cord is 3 cords! The last picture above shows the three cords tied togehter.


The cords drape beautifully across the neck and down the front of the body, ending at the hips, or lower. These graduation cords are made from synthetic rayon, and have a soft sheen that makes them very attractive. The synthetic material of the graduation cords is also very durable, so you don't have to worry about snags, fraying, or other wear and tear. Order your cords from Graduation Outfitters today, and give your students a gift of academic honor that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. See individual color pages.

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